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High Tunnels Nebraska

High Tunnels & Cold Frames: Tools to Extend the Growing Season, Presented by Stacy Adams (Recorded April 20, 2011) High Tunnels Nebraska Webinar I

High Tunnels Nebraska

Choosing the Right High Tunnel- Components and Design, presented by Stacy Adams High Tunnels Nebraska Webinar II

Constructing a High Tunnel

High tunnel growing offers season extension, yield and quality improvements, reduction in fertilizer leaching, reduction in costly pesticide and fungicide inputs, and quick payback on capital investment. They are an answer to many farmers’ problems, if you are willing to manage the technology. This expanded online resource center includes a 60-image step-by-step how-to tunnel construction tutorial by A.J. Both and Wes Kline. Constructing a High Tunnel

Rainwater Catchment from a High Tunnel for Irrigation Use

Leopold Center competitive grant supported work on designing a system to capture rainwater runoff from high tunnels to irrigate crops growing inside the hoop structure. A new publication and 10-minute video explain the project for growers who might want to make the adaptations in their own operation. High Tunnel for Irrigation Use

Hoop Houses For Extending Your Growing Season

A hoophouse webinar presented by NCAT specialists Tammy Hinman and Andy Pressman. Topics include the uses and benefits of hoop houses, including increases in crop quality and yields; different types of hoop houses; construction, materials and cost estimates; management of crops, soil fertility, pests and weeds; and the economics and marketing of crops. Watch the webinar here.