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Biologic Ionization; As Applied to Human Nutrition

6th Edition. Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe. The definitive text on the concepts pioneered by Dr. Carey Reams. Beddoe, a former assistant to Reams, explains the principles behind the pH test, proper procedures for conducting tests on urine and salivia, and how to use the test result to tailor counseling recommendations in the diet and lifestyle plans.

Supplementary Feeding

New Zealand Society of Animal Production. An up-to-date review of the pasture and supplementary feed resources available to the New Zealand pastoral livestock industry, and the energy and protein requirements of these livestock.

Principles of Animal Environment

Merle L. Esmay. Structures for livestock and poultry have the basic function of climate modification

The Basis of Linebreeding

J.H. Lents. A Practical Guide with Illustrations.

Animal Nutrition.

5th Edition. Leonard A. Maynard and John K. Loosli. General Bases of Nutrition. The Nutrients and their metabolism. The Measurement of Body Needs and Feed Values. Nutritive Requirements of Body Processes and Productive Functions

The Handbook of Trace Elements

Istvan Pais and J. Benton Jones, Jr. Compiled by two of the world’s experts in the field, it brings together into a single source a complete listing of the trace elements found in both naturally occurring and manmade substances in the environment. The book provides a thorough description by element for 41 trace elements, transition metals, and micronutrients found in Earth's crust, soil, water, plants, animals, and humans.

The Mineral Requirements of Grazing Ruminants

No. 9. N.D. Grace. New Zealand Society of Animal Production. Factors in diagnosing mineral deficiencies. Determination of mineral requirements in ruminants.

Pet Nutrition.

Eldon W. Kienholz.

Livestock Feeding on Pasture.

A. M. Nicol. New Zealand Society of Animal Production.

Field Guide to Amphibans and Reptiles of South Dakota.

Alyssa M. Kiesow. Describes and illustrates all herptiles in South Dakota.

Weeds of the North Central States.

More than 200 weeds are described and illustrated in this book.

Pastures for Profit.

A guide to rotational grazing. University of Wisconsin Extension.

Livestock and Global Warming.

Volume 52. 1992 Supplement. New Zealand Society of Animal Production

Cattlelog of Dairy Rations.

Foster G. Owen. And Joyce Meader. Includes 600 computer formulated dairy rations.

Farm Fresh; Direct Marketing Meats & Milk

Allan Nation. How to sell grassfed meats and milk direct to the consumer. Includes how to prepare and business and marketing plan, where to sell, how to find customers, labeling, naming products, adding products and working examples.

Forage – Animal Management Systems.

Roy E. Blaser and Colleagues.

Reproductive Management of Grazing Ruminants in New Zealand.

E.D. Fielden and J.F. Smith. This 220 page publication contains information on all aspects of reproductive management. Topics include hormonal control; comparative performance; seasonality; monitoring performance as a management tool; and future developments. Species covered in this book range from dairy cattle to sheep, beef cattle to goats and deer to camelids.

Priority One; Together We Can Beat Global Warming.

Yeomans is uniquely experenced in fertility enhancing agriculture and meteorology. Priority One is an innovative approach to combating global warming and climate change. Priority One is essential reading, not only for environmental protection agencies, but for everyone.

Atlas of Nutritional Data on United States and Canadian Feeds.

National Academy of Sciences.