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Videos are approximately 1 hour unless otherwise noted. Purchase-$10 each, Rent-$5 each (for members only). To purchase or rent, e-mail for more information.

Non-chemical Weed Control in Row Crops - Jim Bender practical strategies for weed control using a rotary hoe, crop rotation, and other mechanical and cultural methods.

Intensive Grazing - Roger Wentling intensive grazing as practiced in Pennsylvania.

Organic Vegetable Production - Russell Pocock (3 hours) how to start with no capital or market & build a profitable small-scale farm, lots of practical, low-cost labor saving ideas.

Sustainable Agriculture and Human Creativity - Wes Jackson (3 1/2 hours) thought provoking lecture followed by panel discussion with NE farmers.

Getting Started in Farming - Ray Babb & Ron Vos (2 hours) how to get started with no resources by working with other farmers & building up slowly with equipment and livestock.

Drought Proofing Your Farm - Walter Goldstein (1 hr 40 m) biodynamic approach to improving soil structure & creating greater water holding capacity.

Livestock & Sustainable Agriculture - Fred Kirschenmann & Bob Steffen (2 hours) biodynamic livestock & farming systems with an emphasis on composting, resource efficiency & fertility management.

Buying Used Farm Equipment - Gerry Miller (2 hours) information based on years of experience as an auctioneer and equipment dealer.

Low Investment Hog Facilities - Dr. Ken Curtis & Garry Anderson (2 hours) keeping profits high & costs low.

Building Soil Structure with Legumes - Walter Goldstein (2 hours) in-depth discussion of factors affecting soil structure & its ability to hold water.

Land Transfer - Zimmer (real estate), Archbold (lawyer), and Pavel (CPA) (2 hours) detailed discussion on passing land from one generation to the next.

Natural Pest Control - Prescott Bergh (2 hours) info on cultural methods of control & various commercial products.

Dairy Grazing - Art Thicke & Dan French (2 hours) enthusiastic presentation on how these farmers switched to intensive grazing for improved profits and lifestyle.

Videotapes from the 1996 Annual Meeting:

Keynote: Building Hope in Rural Communities by Dr. Garth Youngberg 

Selling Meat Direct to the Consumer by David Schafer - shares his experiences direct mktg. pork, lamb, poultry & grass-fed beef.

Organic Gardening by Thomas Tomas

Growing and Marketing Herbs by Gerry Meyer

Learning as a Group: IMPACT Project Experiences by panel of Nebraska IMPACT Project participants - present insights from 1st year projects.

OCIA Certification: More Than a Change in Price by Dave Welsch - discusses the org. cert. process.

Successful Alternatives to Chemical Weed Control by J. Paulsen & T. Larson - discusses leafy spurge control w/angora goats & Tom discusses mech. weed control & crop rotations.

Pesticides and Human Health by Michael Corbett - presents a consideration of the chronic health effects of pesticide use.

Creative Approaches for Beginning Farmers by panel of beginning farmers - share their strategies for getting into farming.

Warm Season Grass and Legume Mixtures by Dr. Bruce Anderson

Videotapes from the 1995 Annual Meeting:

How to Set Up an On-Farm Research Project by Dick & Sharon Thompson

Establishment of Alfalfa Using Nontraditional Cover Crops by Gary Young - results of one year on-farm research.

Multiplying Your Harvest Through Mktg.: Value-Added Prod. by K. Scheer - explores product dev. & marketing, adding value to your produce & finding a market for it.

Planting the Seeds for Reform in the 1995 Farm Bill by Kelly O'Neill

Biological Control of Weeds: by Gary Young - results of on-farm research on biological control of thistle.

Intro. to OCIA: Meeting Organic Certification Standards by Dave Welsch

Organic Gardening by Thomas Tomas

How to Write & Present a Farmer Grant Proposal by G. Young & Tim Powell

Farmers Markets: Successful Sales & Management by Billene Nemec - focuses on how mgmt, location & marketing make for a successful farmers' market.

Maximizing Forage Use in Beef Production by Terry Klopfenstein - grazed forages vs. supplemental feeds: reducing costs & increasing profits.

How to Use Soil Survey Maps by Chuck Mahnke

Videotapes from the 1994 Annual Meeting:

Community Supported Agriculture by Robyn Van En -basics of starting a CSA including start-up procedures, variety, structure, potential & troubleshooting.

Grass Fattening of Cattle by Terry Klopfenstein - study of low-input systems of beef prod. emphasizing the use of grazed forages in place of feed supp.

What Farmers Should Do With Their Wastes by Wayne Woldt - explains the reasons for ban on solid waste disposal, exemptions, and waste mgmt options available.

Dealing With the Public-Xmas Trees & Raspberries PYO by Bill Mammel - discussion of pros, cons, and planning for dealing with the public in a pick-your-own business.

Sustainable Agriculture and Quality of Life by John Ikerd - 2 hrs discusses industrialization of ag, its impact on life, & how sustainable ag can improve quality of life.

Rural Recycling by Kay Stevens - discusses recycling Dbase project, comm. recycling trng. program & potential of coops to mkt. recyclables.

Low-Cost Farrowing & Feeding of Hogs by Pat Steffen - pasture gestation & farrowing, switching from antibiotic-based feed to probiotic-based feed.

Manure & Compost Management by Paul Huenefeld & Martin Kleinschmit - share ideas on composting equipment & long term benefits.

Videotapes from the 1993 Annual Meeting: 

Keynote: Farmers are Heroes by New Farm Editor Craig Cramer 

Growing & Marketing Herbs by Thomas Tomas

Direct Marketing by panel of farmers 

Windmills by Jim Cossart 

Environmental Liability by Dave Aiken

Marketing by Dave Vetter

Comparing Monocropping & Crop Rotations by Mike Herman

Videotapes from the 1992 Annual Meeting: 

Community in Nature and at Home by Wes Jackson (1992 Keynote)

Sustainable Agriculture Research at the Land Institute by Wes Jackson 

Sustainable Living: Using Solar Power by Girouard, Ellefson & Morgan

Ecology & Economics of Field Windbreaks by Jim Brandle

Videotapes from the 1991 Annual Meeting: 

Understanding the Living Soil by Stuart Hill (1991 Keynote) 

Sustainable Agriculture and Empowerment of Farmers by Stuart Hill 

Biological Weed/Insect Control by Stuart Hill

The New Farmer & the New Agriculture by Fred Kirschenmann 

Switching to a Sustainable Agriculture by Fred Kirschenmann 

Composting by Bob Steffen and Mike Herman 

To Become Certified Organic by Joe Roberts